How to Get Pawmot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – A Comprehensive Guide 2023

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In the enchanting world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, discovering how to get Pawmot, the final evolution of the adorable electric bear, is a thrilling and rewarding adventure. Unlike typical evolutions, achieving Pawmot requires a unique process that we will explore in this comprehensive guide. So, let’s delve into the steps that will lead you to the powerful and endearing Pawmot!

how to get Pawmot

Catching Pawmi in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To begin your journey towards obtaining Pawmot, you must first catch a Pawmi. These charming electric bears are relatively common throughout Southern Paldea, with higher chances of finding them in areas immediately south of the Academy and around Los Platos. Keep your eyes peeled for this delightful Pokemon and add it to your team to start your evolution quest.

Evolution into Pawmo

Once you have a Pawmi in your party, it will evolve naturally into Pawmo when it reaches Level 18. Witness the transformation as Pawmi gains the Electric and Fighting dual-type, making Pawmo a formidable force in battles. Train and nurture Pawmo as it hones its abilities in preparation for the final stage of evolution.

How to Get Pawmot

The journey to Pawmot continues with an exciting feature called “Let’s Go” mode. In this mode, your beloved Pokemon can roam freely outside their Poke Balls. To set Pawmo on the path to Pawmot, ensure that it occupies the top slot in your party of Pokemon. Press the R button to release Pawmo and let it explore the world around it.

Walking the Path

To trigger the evolution into Pawmot, Pawmo must accumulate a total of 1,000 steps outside its Poke Ball while in “Let’s Go” mode. Tracking the steps is not facilitated by an in-game pedometer, but fret not – you can simply keep an eye on Pawmo as it roams freely. Embrace this unique evolution method that emphasizes bonding with your Pokemon.

The Final Evolution

After Pawmo has taken 1,000 steps, it’s time for the glorious transformation into Pawmot. The next level-up after reaching the step milestone will initiate the evolution process. Witness Pawmo embrace its beary lineage while retaining its undeniable cuteness, and welcome the formidable Pawmot to your Pokemon team!

Remember, each step in this evolution process strengthens the bond between you and your Pokemon, making the journey even more rewarding. So, set forth on your quest to get Pawmot and experience the joy of seeing your Pokemon grow and evolve in this extraordinary adventure!


How to Get Pawmot

How do you evolve Pawmo into Pawmot?

To evolve Pawmo into Pawmot in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to follow a unique process. First, catch a Pawmi and let it evolve naturally into Pawmo at Level 18. Then, activate “Let’s Go” mode, allowing Pawmo to roam freely outside its Poke Ball. After Pawmo accumulates 1,000 steps in this mode, the next level-up will trigger its evolution into the powerful and endearing Pawmot.

Where can I find Pawmo?

Pawmo can be found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet across various locations in Paldea, except for icy regions. Although it is not as common as Pawmi, you can encounter Pawmo during your journey through this captivating world.

Does Pawmo automatically evolve?

No, Pawmo does not evolve automatically. You need to take specific steps to trigger its evolution into Pawmot. Follow the guide provided in the blog post, which includes activating “Let’s Go” mode and accumulating 1,000 steps outside its Poke Ball to initiate the evolution.

What does Pawmi evolve into?

Pawmi evolves into Pawmo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. At Level 18, the adorable electric bear transforms into a more formidable Pokemon, gaining the Electric and Fighting dual-type.

Does Pawmi evolve twice?

No, Pawmi evolves only once. After catching a Pawmi and nurturing it, it will evolve into Pawmo at Level 18, becoming a stronger and more versatile electric bear.

Does Pawmi evolve again?

Pawmi evolves only once into Pawmo. There is no further evolution beyond this stage. The ultimate evolution is from Pawmo to Pawmot, which requires specific steps as outlined in the blog post.

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