Shocking Allegations and $20 Million Trail: The Explosive Truth About Biden Family Connections Revealed!

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United States Representative Mike Turner, a Republican from Ohio and the leader of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, recently talked on Sunday’s edition of Face the Nation about the ongoing accusations made by Republicans against President Joe Biden. They claim that Biden has been involved in corrupt activities throughout his career, benefiting from his son Hunter’s professional connections. However, Turner admitted that there is no concrete evidence directly implicating Biden in this alleged scheme.

At the same time, Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith is pursuing criminal charges against former President Donald Trump for his alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed David C. Weiss, who was nominated by Trump in 2018, as a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s situation. Some Republicans, like Senators Chuck Grassley from Iowa and Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, have criticized Weiss, claiming he is giving preferential treatment to Biden.

Sen. Graham expressed his concerns on Fox News, saying that Weiss and his team have compromised their integrity, particularly in the way they handled Hunter Biden’s plea deal. Sen. Grassley similarly criticized Weiss for not thoroughly investigating the matter.

CBS News moderator Margaret Brennan asked Turner about the irony of these GOP lawmakers, who are echoing Trump’s narrative that he is being politically targeted by the DOJ. Brennan questioned why a US attorney appointed by President Trump, working under a Republican attorney general, would be involved in a conspiracy against Trump.

Turner responded by saying that there are valid questions about Weiss’s actions and decisions. He pointed out that there are allegations that IRS whistleblowers claimed the Department of Justice interfered, allowing the statute of limitations to expire. Weiss had initially been working closely with Hunter Biden and his attorney to obtain waivers for these limitations, but then stopped doing so. Turner stated that Weiss should explain why he allowed these limitations to expire.

Turner also highlighted that the appointment of Weiss coincided with the release of bank records by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky. These records suggest that over $20 million from foreign sources went to Hunter Biden, his family, and associates. Comer alleged that during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden used his father’s name and connections to secure business deals with foreign oligarchs.

Brennan questioned Turner about whether this information constitutes evidence directly connecting Joe Biden to any wrongdoing. Turner acknowledged that while the bank records are available on the House Oversight Committee’s website, they do not directly prove Joe Biden’s involvement.

In summary, Representative Mike Turner discussed the ongoing allegations against President Joe Biden and the lack of direct evidence connecting him to any corrupt activities involving his son. He also addressed concerns about the special counsel’s actions and the release of bank records by Republican lawmakers. However, Turner clarified that the bank records do not directly implicate Joe Biden in any wrongdoing.

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