Unbelievable: Trump’s Latest Indictment Makes Watergate Look Small!

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Remember John Dean? He was a big part of President Nixon’s team back in the day. Well, he recently talked about something important on CNN. You know how there was this big scandal called Watergate during Nixon’s time? John Dean said that what’s happening now with former President Trump is even bigger than that!

On CNN, the host Kaitlan Collins asked John Dean if he sees similarities between the current situation and the old Nixon scandal. John Dean replied that it’s way bigger this time. He pointed out that what’s going on now doesn’t just involve some misuse of power like Nixon did. It’s more serious because it’s about the very core of our democracy – the foundation of our country.

So, in Georgia, there’s this serious legal case against Trump and a group of 18 others. This is the fourth time they’re facing criminal charges since April. The case has a lot of different accusations, like 41 in total! They’re being accused of things like trying to cheat in the election and working together to do illegal stuff. Trump himself is facing charges for lying and pretending to be someone important.

This whole thing started because a person named Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis spent years looking into what Trump and his friends did during the 2020 election in Georgia. They were trying to mess with the results and even had a bunch of people pretend to be electors. They wanted to say Trump won when he really didn’t.

John Dean was impressed by what Fani Willis did. He called the document that lists all the charges “very impressive.” He pointed out that some of the people charged in Georgia are the same as those mentioned in a federal indictment against Trump for trying to change the election results. It’s like a puzzle coming together. Back during Watergate, these kinds of connections were figured out ahead of time.

So, it seems like Fani Willis and the federal prosecutors are talking to each other to make sure they’re not overlapping or interfering. It’s a bit like they’re trying to coordinate their efforts.

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